Your hot tub was an investment that you intend on enjoying! Whether you purchased it for health or recovery reasons- or for its social or relaxation perks- it serves a purpose and shouldn’t be a hassle to access.

That is why you need a cover lifter system.

A hot tub cover lifter allows you to easily access your tub and stores your cover in a safe place- minimizing accidents and prolonging the life of your cover itself. The cost in comparison to the advantages is minimal when you take your overall investment into consideration.

Ultralift Cover lifter systems have a lifter for everyone. Our patented sliding bracket ensures a proper fit regardless of your spa make or model and allows even the amateur installer, the opportunity to effortlessly mount their lifter system to their hot tub.

Here are the main reasons you should be using a cover lifter system;

  • Once installed, a cover lifter turns cover removal into a one-person job!
  • A cover lifter also allows quick (stress-free) access to your tub. The easier it is to use your hot tub, the more you will.
  • It is made of rust-resistant material making it an all-season accessory
  • It alleviates the struggle of physically removing your cover- especially after it absorbs water and becomes a tad heavier. This is especially beneficial for seniors and those recovering from injury.
  • It protects your cover- your cover is meant to seal in heat and keep your tub free from debris if it is damaged- your cover won’t protect your spa the way it should- leading to additional cost for you down the road.
  • It creates a safe area around your tub that will minimize tripping hazards when your tub is in use
  • If privacy is a concern in your yard? Your cover lifter can also act as a wall. It can place your cover at the side- safely creating an isolated abyss.

Don’t want to drill into the cabinet? No problem. Use an undermount.

Want the assistance of gas shocks to make the removal of your cover that much easier? Our hydraulic mount can assist you.

Care to have a rudimentary model? Our standard mount is for you- with the option of adding a hydraulic assist in the future with one of our kits.

Do you want to have a full view of your yard? Your kids? Your pets? Our industry-recognized Visionlift is the only mount available that will drop our cover right to the ground. Giving you a panoramic view from your hot tub.

You can access a lifter comparison chart HERE.

A cover lifter shouldn’t be an afterthought. It is built to make your hot tub experience a stress-free, safe, and enjoyable experience.



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