At Ultralift, we are passionate about our product. Not just because we believe in it- and are proud of our patented sliding bracket… but because we know that our lifter makes life with a hot tub easier for the consumer (and retailer).

stethoscope-1584223_1920Our lifter fits on practically every hot tub and its patented sliding bracket means less accuracy is required if the consumer decides to install it themselves! There is marginal room for imperfection. We also have four mounting options, are made in Canada so we abide by western codes of safety and quality and we created the Visionlift. The only cover lifter that gives you a 360 degree view from your hot tub.

Aside from our product’s physical qualities- there is a health conscious reason why you should be using a cover lifter! Having an assisted mechanism to remove your cover not only encourages you to use your hot tub more- it makes it easier for you to by eliminating the struggle of heavy lifting and awkward solo removal.

We interviewed Dr. Maher Anis, a doctor who specializes in sports medicine and we would like to share his responses with you.

Dr. Anis, thank you for speaking with us. Could you please give us an overview of your professional experience?

I obtained my Medical Degree from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany in 1965. Became licensed to practice medicine in Canada in 1970.Spent 18 years in Family Practice and obtained a Diploma in Clinical Sports Medicine from the  Carlton University in Ottawa in 1980.

Practiced applied Sports Medicine in the GTA from 1980 until I retired in 2005.

The majority of the patients I cared for suffered form musculo-skeletal injuries of various etiology. The most common injury by large was related to back injuries, acute and chronic.

What are your thoughts on using a hot tub to aid in recovery? Do you believe it helps?

I can list seven related benefits from using immersion hot water therapy, especially in the form of forced circulation; such as found in Jacuzzi and hot tubs.

    a- Improved sleep as a results of improved blood circulation.

    b- Reduced stress and anxiety, as a result of decreased muscle tension.

    c- Reduced arthritic inflammation and chronic joint pain.

It was found that the buoyancy from the bubbles created by the tub’s jets, makes us feel like  our own weight disappear, This leads in turn to increased flexibility in the joints and increased ROM. This applies specifically to the large joints (knees, shoulder} and back.

    d- Recent medical studies showed that a lowering of high blood SUGAR occurs after using hot tubs therapy. The theory here is that hot temperature in tubs simulate some of the effects of physical exercise which is known to lower blood sugar.

    e- There is an  abundant medical prove that hot tub use lowers blood pressure ( I have to highlight a warning here for those who are known to have an essential high blood pressure disease, especially those who are on certain blood pressure medications).

the mechanics of this blood pressure lowering is related to vaso dilatation of the superficial and intermediate blood vessels.
   f- hot tub immersions promote healthier, younger skin. Is this due to an increase oxygen supply to the skin??

And finally:

    g- It was noted that hot tub immersions decrease the frequency and duration of migraines and tension headaches.lifters

Are you familiar with Ultralift’s line
of cover lifters?

I am familiar with Ultralift cover Lifters and your product line.

What ailments can you foresee happening to hot tub owners who opt out of purchasing a cover lifter?

The most common scenario for hot tub users, whose tubs are not fitted with a cover lifter, is that they rush to reach the  tub (especially in a cold  conditions) and use a non physiological, unbalanced stance in trying to lift the tub cover up, which, especially if those people are suffering from a pre-existing injury (Back pain) , will aggravate their condition.

So you recommend a lifter?

 I would highly advise my patients who are using hot tub therapy for their injuries to  make sure they  equip their tubs with a cover lift to prevent them from compounding their injuries.

Thank you again Dr. Maher Anis for your time and contribution to this post. It is much appreciated and very informative.

All in all, it isn’t just Ultralift that believes in using a cover lifter (or a hot tub for that matter!) Enjoy your hot tubs more often- safely.


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