Today is World Water Day, and considering it is the day meant for water-wise education, we would like to share some tips on how you can keep your hot tub water healthy and conserve it… leading to less use and more efficiency… leading to a ‘water-wise’ state of mind.

  • Use a hot tub cover

A lot of a hot tubs water evaporates due to the warm temperatures. Having an efficient cover (and an Ultralift lifter of course) will ensure your water stays where it is supposed to IN your tub and free from debris and other things such as leaves etc. that will muck up your water and lead to a fresh water change.

  • Use the recommended dose of chemicals, on schedule

Your hot tubs water balance and chemical maintenance is an integral part of water conservation. Having a steady routine regarding your tub and its water chemistry will not only lower the need for drain and refills- it will also save you money on chemicals!

  • Filters!

Filters collect all the particles that circulate in the water like minerals and scum. Like your car filter, if you let the filter go for too long? You will do damage to not only your water- but to your tub.

  • Check for leaks

Are you doing your best yet you still need to ‘top up’ your hot tub because of water loss? It is very possible that your tub may have a leak. Even the slowest leaks waste water!

  • Only drain your tub when necessary

Check your hot tub manufacturers manual and abide by their recommended drainage timelines.

Let’s all do our part to conserve water! We only have one planet Earth after all.

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